The Brief Introduction of Henan Sanhe Leather Products Co., Ltd

2012-09-19  WRITER:  SOUCE:互联网  


Henan Sanhe Leather Products Co., Ltd is located in the economic development zone of Xuanwu town, Luyi district, covering a total area of 530000 square meters, a building area of 220000 square meters and has a staff of 1320 people. Presently it's the leather industry association's vice-presidential unit of Henan province, one of the top ten cattle and sheep leather shoes' upper leather production units and also a key agricultural industrialization leading enterprise of the province. The factory is broad and has a beautiful environment. The subordinate subsidiary Renhe Leather Industry Products co., Ltd is located in the economic development zone of Suzhou city in Anhui province.
The company's leading products are: oil dried leather, water dyeing leather, military police leather, Napa, shave leather, oil inside leather, waxed leather, aniline leather, half leather grain, etc. We have 15 series of products, more than 300 varieties. Our annual cow leather production capacity is 5000 square feet. The company's sewage treatment facilities make up the most advanced sewage treatment system in China's leather industry after the approval of the department of environmental protection of the monomer. In February, 2012 the company got the national environmental protection check acceptance. In August, the company successfully got the ISO9000 international quality management system and the ISO14001 environmental management system certifications. At the same time, the company's "Sanheyuan" series of products won the Chinese leather association's "Dermal Mark Ecological Leather Products" certificate.



Our company sticks to the "Equality, Integrity, Cooperation, Development" philosophy, adheres to the principles of products management and capital management. We advocate the people-oriented idea, and constantly improve the working environment, strengthen the training to the employees to improve their income and construct the enterprise's internal harmony. We also increase the environmental protection investment to ensure that all our enterprises comply with the environmental protection standard and realize our enterprises' development and the environment harmony; We positively take our social responsibilities to do more contribution to the society to realize the enterprises' development and social harmony; We insist on honesty, in order to realize the enterprises' development and create a harmonious atmosphere between the customers and us.