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Zhenshou (Shangqiu) Industrial Company Limited is a company founded by Shanghai Zhenshou Shoes Company Limited after the acquisition of Shangqiu  Hides Factory. Shangqiu  Hides Factory was founded in 1972, and Shanghai Zhenshou Shoes Company Limited was founded in 1995. Zhenshou(Shangqiu) Industrial Company Limited locates in No.145 of Pingyuan Road, Liangyuan District, Shangqiu City. It now has 350 staffs including 45 various professional technicians, 80 million fixed assets, it covers 66,600 square meter, with 48,000 square meter’s  floor-area, it owns production lines with 40 drums, many advanced imported equipments. The annual production scale is about 6 million sheepskins, and annual sales is about  RMB 350 million.

Zhenshou has a wealth of experience and advanced technology on production of goat and sheep shoe upper leather, plus that using all imported environmental chemical raw materials, the environmental- friendly eco-leather produced are qualified to the latest standards of the European Union. At the same time, Zhenshou also offers leather and fur products for customers to choose. With laboratories in our factory, we can test the physical property of leather to ensure the products meet the national standards. Our company is one of the preferred leather suppliers of the top ten leather-shoes company, such as Harson, Daphne, BASTO, C.banner, ST&SAT, Aokang. Also, our company is one of the suppliers of H&M and ZARA, the world-famous clothing companies.

Our company emphasizes on quality of production and efficiency, at the same time, especially pays attention to ecological environmental protection and work safety. Our company has invested more than RMB 20 million to reform the production engineering to dispose and clean waste water, and to construct deep clean of chrome waste water, which has been checked by related environmental sector, and the emission of sewage has met the first-level requirements of national sewage integrated emissions standard. In addition, our company often does various drills, and does various protection measures and emergency plans to put safe production as the first thing.

Zhenshou managed sincerely, pays tax according to regulations, and does effort s to make contribution to the community, which has been commended by the government, and gain recognition by various circles of the society. Zhenshou takes as purposes that creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating benefits for the community. Also we have the ambition and hope to make Zhenshou a "century-old shop". We start towards the goal from the first step, and keep moving on.