The regulations of the Genuine Leather Mark

Chapter One

General Principles

Article One: To maintain the credit of genuine leather products that are provided at home and abroad market, protect the rights and interests of consumers and enterprises and cultivate a sound environment for leather market, based on the People's Republic of China Trade Mark Law and the People's Republic of China Commodities Quality Law, the regulations of Genuine Leather Mark (GLM) is established.

Article Two: The GLM is a certificated trademark that registered in International Trade Organization and National Bureau of Administration for Commerce and Industries, which indicates the excellent material, quality and after-sales service of leather products, and it was protected by law and registered internationally.

Article Three: China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), as the register of GLM, reserved the exclusive right for this trademark.

Article Four: Based on voluntary principle and guaranteed by the standards GLM, CLIA accepts the applications from the companies dealing in leather products. The companies will be permitted to use GLM if their products reach the standard and the GLM usage contract was signed.

Article Five: Directed and supervised by National Bureau of Administration for Commerce and Industries and the General Administration of Quality Supervision£¬Inspection and Quarantine of China, CLIA is responsible for examination and implementation of GLM products that represent the third-party impartiality.

Chapter Two
Requirements for the Genuine Leather Mark Products

Article Six: The GLM is used on products made by genuine leather and fur, including leather shoes, sport shoes, leather garments, leather goods, etc. that are defined to be leather products.

Article Seven: Companies registered in China with commitment of civil obligation and producing and/or trading in leather products have the rights to apply to use the GLM.

Article Eight: GLM is the symbol of the high quality genuine leather products that possess the rights to use it as follows:
(1) The main material of the GLM products should be genuine leather and fur. Other materials can be used according to the proportion standard specified in Genuine Leather Mark Technical Handbook.
(2) GLM products should be with delicate process, and be good quality products.
(3) The GLM products should meet national and industry standards and the requirements of the Genuine Leather Mark Technical Handbook.

Article Nine: All applicants for GLM have to fulfill the following requirements:
(1) The company should have at least two years experience in producing and/or trading in leather products.
(2) The company that producing and/or trading in leather products should build the quality control system according to the standard of GB/T 19000 (ISO-9000 series).
(3) The company should have an efficient after-sales service system.
(4) The production quantity of the company should reach the specification.
(5) The company should have advanced technology and comprehensive testing methods.

Article Ten: If the company¡¯s GLM usage right is abolished because of default, the company may reapply it after the quality of its products has been stable and they meet the requirements of Article Eight and Article Nine after three years rectification and improvement. But it is not allowed to reapply for the same product of a certain company more than twice.

Chapter Three

The Process of Applying the Genuine Leather Mark

Article Eleven: The company applying for GLM should fill the form of Application Form for Using the Genuine Leather Mark in accordance with Article Six.

Article Twelve: The company applying for GLM should submit the following documents together with Application Form for Using the Genuine Leather Mark:
(l) A copy of industrial and commercial registration certificate;
(2) A copy of trademark registration certificate;
(3) A copy of product quality inspecting reports (within half a year since the application date);
(4) A copy of award certificates, technology invention certificates, patent right obtained at home and abroad;
(5) Certificate or Recommendation of products quality and economic returns from the local governments or relevant departments;

Article Thirteen: CLM Management Office of CLIA should examine the submitted documents in accordance with Article Six to Article Twelve.

Article Fourteen: The company that cannot pass the formal examination may reapply within two months after they are informed by CLIA, and it is not allowed to reapply within one year if they fail twice.

Article Fifteen: Since the application is received, the following work should be done by CLIA within three months.

(l) Formal Examination: the GLM Management Office should do Formal examination.
(2) Field Survey: GLM Management Office should invite experts or commission relevant groups to conduct a field survey for the company in accordance with Article Nine.
(3) Overall Appraisal: The GLM Management Office should submit the information of the companies that passed the Formal Examination and Field Survey to CLIA to make a overall appraisal.
(4) The GLM Management Office will send the result to the applicants and require them to:
(a) Sign the contract to use the GLM;
(b) Pay the relevant fee;
(c) Receive the Certificate of GLM;
(d) Order the GLM Label for the products;
(5) Proclamation: The company that signed the GLM Usage Contract, received GLM Usage Certificate and completed the whole procedure listed in (4) will be proclaimed by CLIA on the public media.

Chapter Four

Rights of the Genuine Leather Mark Products

Article Sixteen: The GLM can be used on sales of the GLM Products, which are protected by law of the registered country.

Article Seventeen: CLIA takes the responsibility for coordination and arbitration when disputes about the technology and quality of the GLM products happened; CLIA accepts any complaints about GLM products from customers.

Article Eighteen: The GLM products have the priority of take part in any domestic and overseas activities of economic, trading and technology organized or co-organized by CLIA.

Article Nineteen: The GLM can be used to certify the quality level in any local and overseas economic, trading and technological activities.

Article Twenty: The companies using the GLM have the priority of take part in any activities involved in the GLM and enjoy the services from CLIA.

Article Twenty-one: CLIA collects and analyzes the quality and sales information of GLM products, and feeds back the information to those companies and announce it on the public media to enlarge the GLM effect.

Article Twenty-Two: The pattern and explanation of the GLM are permitted to be print on the packing of the GLM products.

Chapter Five

The Obligation for the Genuine Leather Mark Products

Article Twenty-Three: The GLM product should carry GLM label during its sale in accordance with the Genuine Leather Mark Technical Handbook.

Article Twenty-Four: The trademark and model of the product that carry the GLM label should be the same as the certificated ones, and the company should re-apply in accordance with Article Eleven if the trademark of the GLM product changed. The other serial products of the company should apply for the usage expansion of GLM, relevant rules for such cases has been made by CLIA.

Article Twenty-Five: The company using the GLM label should accept the inspections from CLIA or the commissioned groups. The cost of inspection will be offered by CLIA. Inspections include the quality of product, enterprise production system and after-sales service.

Article Twenty-Six: Companies using the GLM have the following obligations:
(1) Produce and examine the GLM products according to the relevant national and industry standards and the Genuine Leather Mark technology handbook.
(2) Set up the quality control data record of the GLM products.
(3) Make sure the production quantity of the GLM products reach the specified standard.
(4) The companies using GLM and the distributors should take joint responsibility for after-sales services.
(5) The company should order and use the GLM label in schedule in accordance with the contract of GLM.
(6) The company should cooperate with CLIA to promoting GLM and enlarging its marketing shares actively.

Article Twenty-Seven: There should be a person specially assigned for GLM work whose record should be kept in CLIA. He/she is committed by the CLIA to supervise the use of the mark and ensure that it is not lose control, impropriated or lapsed.

Article Twenty-Eight: The GLM using company cannot produce, convey, sell or devise the GLM label privately.

Article Twenty-Nine: The company using the GLM label should indicate the types of genuine leather (such as pig leather, sheep leather, cattle leather etc.) that are used in the GLM products clearly.

Article Thirty: The packing printed with the GLM label can only be used for the GLM products. The GLM is unique identification for GLM products.

Chapter Six

Management of the Genuine Leather Mark

Article Thirty-One: In order to guarantee the normal operation of the GLM, CLIA builds the management system including the GLM Management Office, the GLM Product Inspection Committee, which takes responsibility for controlling and managing the GLM.

Article Thirty-Two: CLIA is the supreme appraisal organization for GLM.
CLIA takes responsibility for formulating and revising the regulations of the GLM and the working rules, and assessing product qualification for using the GLM, CLIA also takes responsibility for investigating cases of the fake mark and other problems.

Article Thirty- Three: The Management Office for Genuine Leather Mark is the organization responsible for daily work of the GLM.
The Management Office carries out the CLIA¡¯s strategic decisions and daily work, such as applicant examination, client reception, consultation reply, document management, report, and the print, distribution, management and accounts settlement of the GLM. The Office also coordinating disputes and other problems about the GLM, organizing the overall dynamic examination for GLM products, setting up the daily examination and annual survey system of the GLM, implying the reconfirmation of the GLM companies¡¯ qualification every three years and ranking the main enterprises of the GLM companies every two years. The GLM Management Office will set up regional office if necessary.

Article Thirty-Four: The Inspection Committee of the GLM is the organization for technical appraisal, arbitration and consultation.
The Inspection Committee, based on relevant national and industrial standards and that of Genuine Leather Mark Technical Handbook, processes examination, arbitration and consultation.
Commissioned by CLIA, local governments should invite experts that mainly consist of GLM Inspection Committee members to do the field survey of GLM applicant. The CLIA is responsible for the qualification conformation and train of the experts.

Article Thirty-Five: State Leather Products Quality Supervision & Examination Center and State Footwear Quality Supervision & Examination Center, commissioned by CLIA, are the specified inspection organizations for GLM products. The quality supervision and inspection plan of GLM products is made solely by CLIA.

Article Thirty-Six: For assuring the scientificity, fairness and authority of the GLM, a comprehensive supervision system, with public participation, has been established by CLIA to strengthen the quality supervision and inspection.

Chapter Seven

Protection of the Genuine Leather Mark.

Article Thirty-Seven: The GLM is protected by relevant laws, and any counterfeit will be inspected and prosecuted by CLIA, and all units who offer evidence will be rewarded.

Article Thirty-Eight: Anyone who uses the counterfeit GLM will be reported and punished by the Department of Industrial and Commercial Administration in accordance with the Trademark Law.

Article Thirty-Nine: If a company using the GLM violates the regulations of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Product Quality, CLIA will terminate the agreement with the company for using the GLM.

Article Forty: If a company using the GLM violates the regulations of Chapter Five, CLIA will undertake the following actions: inspection for improvement, pause of GLM usage, agreement abolishing or even take legal action.

Chapter Eight


Article Forty-One: The standard of payment for the Genuine Leather Mark is regulated by CLIA, and is executed by the GLM Management Office.

Article Forty-Two: Payment for the GLM is regarded as a special fund for special purpose and mainly used for the examination, appraisal, supervision and quality inspection of the GLM products, and also for handling complaints about the GLM products, investigating cases about the GLM, promoting, protecting the reputation of the GLM products and the rights of companies and consumers. State finance and taxation departments will monitor the revenue of the GLM.

Article Forty-Three: The normal inspection rules of the GLM products is instituted by CLIA, and carried on by the GLM Management Office.

Article Forty-Four: On the basis of management of the GLM, CLIA makes out the scientific inspection standard to support main enterprises and carry out strategy of brands. The specific standards and programs are instituted by CLIA and carried out by the GLM Management Office.

Article Forty-Five: This regulation is a reference for leather, fur and relevant products applying for the GLM.

Article Forty-Six: This regulation is instituted by CLIA, and approved by the National Bureau of Administration for Commerce and Industries.

Article Forty-Seven: CLIA takes the responsibilities for explaining this regulation.


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