Information service scope of CLIA

1.Status and future in China leather industry and its production and trade
To enhance information communication inside and outside the leather industry and to promote China's leather industry's development, the Information Center of China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) will carry out its information services, which include the following items:

Development and future in China's leather industry and its production and trade:
1. General situation of tanning, fur and leather, leather shoes, leather garment and leather suitcase.
2. Scope of China's leather industry
3. Proportion of related leather sectors within China's leather industry
4. Development situation in different leather sectors
5. Output of leather industry in different regions
6. Economic analysis on leather industry statistics
7. Statistics on different ownership in China leather industry
8. Analysis of proportion of different ownership in different sectors
9. Development of different ownership in different sectors
10. Economic analysis of different ownership firms in different industries
11. Advantage and disadvantage of China's leather industry's development
12. Developing trend and strategic target in China leather industry
13.Influence on China's leather industry when China enters into WTO

2.International Leather Market and its FutureĦĦ
1. Global leather output, major producing areas and their development
2.Eexports of leather and its major areas in the world
3. Statistics on global im