The adjustment of raw hides and skins processing trade and import

2010-01-29  WRITER:  SOUCE:网络  


For maintaining the stable of foreign demand and home market, and the people's livelihood, and conforming to the Announcement No. 8 that requires further implementing the principle of total control on rawhide and skins processing trade and restriction of high pollution and high energy consumption, and high resources sector, Ministry of Commerce, the Environmental Protection Department, General Administration of Customs made an adjustment to numbers of processing trade enterprise and imported quota in raw hides and skins after the assessment to current enterprises and applicants.

In this ajdugement the 173 enterprises listed in announcement No.8 are disqualified processing trade because of bankruptcy, stopping production, failure to abtain environmental certificates or no longer to do related business. Those already obtained the Processing Trade Approval Certificate before the adjustment will be allowed to complete the unfinished quota but forbidden to postpone and increase the approved quantities.

In according with actual import and demand the reasonable changes in import quota are made for the 55 enterprises listed in announcement No.8.

21 applicants that has abtained environmental certificate are approved to conduct the raw hides and skins processing trade, the import quota should base on their general trade volume.

After the adjustment 76 enterprises are approved doing the processing trade.

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