300 tanneries, textile dyeing units ordered to down shutters

2013-02-27  WRITER:ran fulin  SOUCE:网络  

Over 300 Textile dyeing industries and tanneries functioning here was today ordered to down shutters following complaints about effluents being let out in the water bodies, officials said.

Farmers belonging to various Associations had appealed the district administration to take stringent action against the polluters, especially those tanners and dyers discharging untreated effluent in the water courses mainly into the Cauvery River and Kalingarayan canal.

The District Revenue Officer R. Ganesh said the district administration had already taken stringent action against such polluters and closed more than 150 unauthorised and unlicensed textile dyeing and bleaching units.

As he had received complaints about the letting of effluents in the canal and River, he had issued orders for the closure of all the 28 tanneries, 100 textile dyeing and 200 textile bleaching industries functioning in Erode area.