Footwear export to Columbia will rise as new import tax imposing

2013-02-27  WRITER:ran fulin  SOUCE:网络  

Columbia government has decided to reduce the tax on import of apparel and footwear by issuing of no. 074 cuiculation from current 15% to 10%, however 5 US dollars specific tariff per Kg to impose on the shoe parts under the HS code 6406.

The new tariff measures will take effect on March 1, 2013 and will be ended for one year long, the countries and regins signed FTA with Columbia are the exception to the imposition of new taxes. Goods delivered before March 1 will follow the old rules on import tax.

According to new imposing tariff measures the shoes exporting to Columbia from Quanzhou city will added 4.68 US dollars per pair based on the price of 6.37 US dollars per pair.