Amended Guidline Directive of Industrial Structure Adjustment

2013-03-01  WRITER:ran fulin  SOUCE:网络  

In order to adapt to the needs of the transformation of the economic development mode, Development and reform commission (NDRC) and related departments of the State Council adjusted to certain items on catalog of  Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidline(2011 version), the new version is published that will take effect on may 1st, 2013.  

Some items concerned over leather industry listed in the encouraged technologies that are tanning cleaner production and leather finishing new technologies and tanning machinery, waste leather utilization, exhausted chrome recycling and utilization, liming free swelling agent, salt free pickling auxiliary agent, sludge content Cr3 comprehensive utilization, chrome tanning agent with high absorption, nature vegetable tanning agent, water-based finishing agent and so on.